Infrastructure for web3 social on Arweave, NEAR and EVM is a set of social and identity protocols for building strong decentralized communities.
With the advent of DAOs, token-gating, airdrops and governance, web3 social will look nothing like what we know from the web2 world.
Social networks and communities need to be built on token-aware infrastructure with a truly decentralized identity layer. Every layer should be composable as part of a stack, and make data available from the contract as well as friendly APIs. This is our vision for
This documentation describes the core protocols of and how to integrate them into your dApp.



ANS is a decentralized identity system on Arweave. It is in private beta with around 500 testers, and has been integrated into ViewBlock, Permacast,, Ark and other projects in the Arweave ecosystem.
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Ark is a multichain identity linking protocol which makes it possible for users to prove they own addresses and assets on other chains. dApps integrating Ark can operate on Arweave, NEAR, or EVM-based chains like Ethereum while reading verified identity and ownership data for users from any other supported chain.
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Public Square

The Public Square is a combination of a social graph and ActivityPub-like messaging protocol, enabling everything from general-purpose social networks to token-gated communities with custom governance structures.

Front ends

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